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Vapor cig news and information

Vapor Cigs and E Cigarettes

Vapor cigs and e cigarettes.  Are they the same thing?  Yes!  People get confused but they are the same thing.  Both deliver nicotine vapor from the use of an atomizer and battery.  Nicotine liquid is delivered the same way in both cases.

When searching the internet for vapor cigs, use the keyword e cigarette.  You’ll definitely get way more results that way.  Most ecigarette web stores carry the saem e cig goods so you’ll be able to find the e-cigarette that fits your lifestyle.

Vapor Cigs Starter Kit Reviews

When you buy or get a free electronic cigarette starter kit you can expect certain things to be in there. Though you may not get everything that’s listed here you will get enough to get you vaping.

If you’re looking into getting an ecig starter kit you may wonder about what comes in it.

Every company offers something different in their starter kits. And some companies offer different levels of starter kits.

We’ll give you a list of some of the things you may be able to expect when you get an electronic cigarette starter kit.

An Electronic Cigarette Battery. This may be a small or a large battery depending on the brand and style.

A wall charger to keep your e cig battery completely full.

A PCC – Personal Charging Case. A way to keep your electronic cigarette charged up on the go.

USB Charger – to charge up when you’re at your computer

Car Charger to charge in the car

Pack of cartridges. Some offer a variety pack or you can choose the flavor and strength.

The Atomizer to runs off the battery and vaporizes the liquid in the cartridge.

And of course an Owners Manual.

Vapor Cigs Free Trial

Vapor cigs is another way of saying smoking e cigarettes.  Vapor cigs have become very popular.  There is no need to pay for one when you can get a vapor e cig for free. There are free vapor cigs being offer at the following website

Just click on the above banner and go to their website.  They will ask for your home address, email address and that is all that is required to get a free trial of their product.  Oh I forgot one more thing.  There is a catch.  You need to pay for the deliver cost of getting their vapor cigarette kit sent to your home but that is it.

The free trial is for 2 weeks.  That’s right!  You got two weeks to try out their product and if after two weeks you don’t like it then you need to return it.  Its not a bad deal to get a free vapor cig these days when you consider buying a comparable one will cost you around $60 to $100.00.

So just click on this link for free vapor cigs